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Do you know how many clients you lost last month because they didn’t convert?

Convert2Client is a complete system to capture every enquiry, understand your opportunities and ultimately convert more clients.

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Discover missed opportunities and increase your client intake.

Convert2Client is a business intelligence tool, built specifically for law firms, that makes it easy to understand how effective your firm is at converting clients.

Looking for full case management with integrated accounts? Combine Convert2Client with Osprey Approach to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Capture every enquiry

You work hard to generate interest in your law firm, and in a competitive market it’s essential to grab every opportunity and progress them into paying clients.

Our tools collect a potential client’s information quickly and in a fully compliant way via the web, phone, or in person.

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Understand your enquiry pipeline

Business intelligence is the key to growing your practice.

Most law firms don’t have a system in place to understand their enquiry pipeline and conversion rates; leaving them in the dark.

Our easy to use reporting gives you answers to the essential business intelligence questions:

  • How many enquiries?
  • How many converted?
  • What areas of law?
  • Did we contact them?
  • What was the marketing source?

Actionable insights to grow your firm

Convert more paying clients

Streamline your enquiry and instruction process to win more clients.

Easy to use enquiry forms, automatic quote generation on your website and integrated eSignatures encourage faster instructions.

Manage your pipeline to convert more clients

Save time with case management integration

You will save time and ensure the accuracy of data by replacing copy-paste from your workflow.

Manage the entire lifecycle of a matter by integrating your case management system – importing enquiries and quotes with the click of a button.

Simplify the client journey with fully integrated Case Management

Discover Osprey Approach

The legal market is experiencing a technology-driven revolution. More than ever, your clients will use technology to engage with their solicitor.

How are you going to deal with that?

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