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Capture all web, phone and email enquiries in one system

Generating interest in your law firm can be hard which is why it’s important to capture and follow-up on every enquiry you receive. No matter how the client gets in contact with you, via email, on your website, over the phone or through a referrer, you can be confident you can capture, quote and follow-up so you never miss an opportunity.

Capture enquiries online 24/7

In a digital-first world, clients first look online for legal services, so you need to offer online enquiry forms to win their business. Without the right digital tools to do so, you’ll pass those leads on to your competitors who offer their clients what they need.
Our easy to configure and simple to use instant quote calculators can provide your clients with the transparent and quick answers they’re searching for. With Convert2Client you can add enquiry forms or calculators to your website to capture interest, helping put your firm on top.

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Capture enquiries online 24/7
A legal CRM to capture every enquiry

A legal CRM to track every enquiry

A legal CRM (client relationship management system) puts all your prospect, client and enquiry information in one single platform. No matter if an enquiry was captured online, on the phone or via email, you’ll have a single source of truth within Convert2Client, which gives you a 360-degree view of your opportunities, so you know where to focus to win more clients.
Automate follow-up emails or texts to enhance service, understand how many enquiries you have and how many instructed to implement improvements and securely store data on clients to help build better relationships all from one end-to-end platform.

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Software features to capture more enquiries

Digital tools your firm can rely on to win new business

Web Quote Calculators

Capture leads 24/7 with our configurable quote calculators that integrate with your website so you can generate leads no matter the time of day.

Instant quotes

With pre-defined fee structures and branded email templates, your staff can confidently create quotes whilst on the phone to clients. Speed up the quote process to convert more clients.

One-click instruct

Every quote sent to prospective clients has an ‘instruct us’ button so clients can choose you as their solicitor with just one click.

The only software you need to grow your firm

Convert2Client enables lawyers to digitally quote, onboard client and manage cases through to completion in one platform. Take your business to the next level with our suite of digital tools.