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Never miss an opportunity to convert an enquiry

Can you be confident that you’re following up and converting all possible opportunities when you’re managing your enquiries in your emails or spreadsheets? Streamline your enquiry processes to improve efficiencies that benefit your clients and improves your firm’s profitability.

Boost conversion rates  

Attracting individuals to your firm requires resource and without a streamlined enquiry process, those efforts could go to waste. With Convert2Client, you’ll have visibility of all your enquiries in one platform so you can be confident nothing has slipped through the net. Our software will enable you to effectively automate follow-up emails or texts so clients receive a timely and personal response but without the administrative burden.

Online quote tools and automated enquiry follow-up communications ensures you’re available when your client needs you and quick to response when they enquire, putting you ahead of the competition.

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Boost conversion rates with Convert2Client
Digital client onboarding using the web portal

Digital client onboarding

Capturing enquiries is just the first stage in winning new business, you’ll need to offer a stress-free onboarding service to help turn those opportunities into paying clients. Offering customers a digital onboarding experience with a branded web portal, online data capture, eSignatures and live updates, they will be confident to instruct you as their lawyer.

Convert2Client helps you offer first-class, competitive service to clients helping you attract and win new business. Our platform enables you to automate key tasks so offering first-class service doesn’t require additional staff or admin.

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Software features to convert more enquiries

Digital tools your firm can rely on to win new business

Auto follow-ups

Law firms who always follow up enquiries and quotes are the most likely to win the business. That’s why you can schedule timely and personal follow-ups, using branded email and SMS templates automatically.

Task reminders

Automating task reminders to call back clients or follow up on a quote lets you stay focused on building relationships with your client.

Easy onboarding

Quick, easy digital onboarding expands your routes to market so you can compete on a wider geographical scale. Increase opportunities and your brand awareness with our client portal tools.

The only software you need to grow your firm

Convert2Client enables lawyers to digitally quote, onboard client and manage cases through to completion in one platform. Take your business to the next level with our suite of digital tools.